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          Welcome Dongguan NCK Technology Co., Ltd.!

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          Dongguan NCK Technology Co., Ltd.

          Dongguan NCK Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2008. It is a entity manufacturer combining precision mold manufacturing, injection molding, painting and assembly. It has a total investment of more than 40 million yuan and a total of more than 500 employees. The main products include: precision plastic mold, consumer electronic shell, medical, optical, auto parts and other related products. The factory has precision mold department, clean injection molding workshop, automatic spraying workshop and assembly workshop, to provide customers with a full range of OEM / ODM services.
          Our company has attached great importance to personnel training. After years of technical precipitation, we have brought together a group of qualified, high-efficiency and quality-oriented  management team and technical service team. Following the development ideas of the company to become fine, stronger and bigger and the purposes of helping clients optimize product structure, developing the best molding program and the most economical production cost method, we have gradually built NCK into the leader in the industry, and received the recognition from well-known brand clients at home and abroad and established a good supporting and cooperation relationships with them.

          Cooperative Partner

          Cooperative Partner

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          Sweeping attention

          Sweeping attention

          Address:ZF7C,Zhen'an Park,Chang'an Town,Dongguan City

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